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In recent years, the Carnival entertainment at the Recreation Ground has been opened with a release of balloons.  This year, the Carnival Committee has decided to discontinue this practice, acknowledging the negative impact on the environment that this can have.  Although we cannot change past practice, we can select better options in future.

This year, the Carnival will be opened at the Recreation Ground with the firing of a Field Gun (using blank charges, of course)!

After the snow had melted...

The rescheduled Selection Evening took place on Saturday 24 March. It was an enjoyable and successful evening with 7 boys and 13 girls hoping to become the Prince and Princess.

The successful entrants were:

  • Prince - Benjamin Jackson, aged 10, who goes to Lockyer's Middle School
  • Princess - Morgan Summerson-Watson, also aged 10 and goes to Lockyer's Middle School
  • Prince Attendant - Bailey Evans, aged 7, who goes to Henbury View School
  • Princess Attendant - Georgina Brindley, aged 9, who goes to Lockyer's Middle School

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Carnival Committee on 7th November 2017, it was resolved that the Corfe Mullen Carnival should make all necessary changes to its Constitution and procedures to enable it to become a registered charity.

This will require the appointment of a board of trustees, a revision of the Constitution to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission, and the creation of a Governing Document (or rulebook) that explains how the charity is run.

Achieving charitable status will provide greater clarity when seeking sponsors, and means that it is possible to claim Gift Aid on donations (including the Street Collection). It also establishes a well-defined organisation, providing greater security for the future of the Carnival.

On 17th September 2017, we held our annual Cheque Presentation and Thank You event.

This is the Carnival committee's way of saying "Thank You" to those who support our event, either by volunteering their time to assist us, by supplying equipment, or by making a financial contribution towards the running of the Carnival. At this event, we also present our donations to the Carnival charities, and give smaller donations to other groups who have contributed towards the smooth running of the Carnival.

Our Chairman, David Mills, and 2017 Carnival Princess, Maisie Thick were on hand to present a cheque for £2,075 to the Corfe Mullen Youth Trust, and a cheque for £3,500 to the Green Island Trust.


Carnival Chairman David Mills and Carnival Princess Maisie Thick present a donation to Lead Youth Worker Nigel Christopher, Youth Helper Sheila Clark and Vice-Chairman of the Corfe Mullen Youth Trust Paul Harrison


Carnival Chairman David Mills and Carnival Princess Maisie Thick present a donation to Debbie Durnford of the Green Island Holiday Trust.